Reasons for Vasectomy Reversal

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When someone decides to have a vasectomy, it often seems to be more of a permanent choice. Vasectomy does not have to be permanent, and most men today can be candidates for vasectomy removal. Different men give different reasons for vasectomy reversal. Most men seeking a reversal cite undue influence from a former partner as the main reasons they had a vasectomy. That said, here are some reasons to have a vasectomy.

Decided to Have Another Child

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Thus, if you are thinking of having a kid anytime soon, but vasectomy seems to be standing between you and your dream of having a child. Some couples often realize that going for a vasectomy was a mistake. As such, the best way to remedy the situation, and have another child is to go for a vasectomy reversal. This implies that when your life changes after a vasectomy, you have an option to make amends.

Post Vasectomy Pains

Some men complain of debilitating testicular pains after undergoing a vasectomy. Clinical statistics show that close to 10% of all men going for a vasectomy experience this. If you fall among these unfortunate group, the chances are that you might be considering a vasectomy reversal to improve your situation.

To Feel Normal

After undergoing a vasectomy for whichever reason, most men find it difficult to relate their present status to their formal past. Some people often find it hard to cope with this ‘new reality’ and usually start looking for ways of remedying the situation. If are convinced that a vasectomy was not the best thing for you, and you would wish to feel normal again, go for a vasectomy reversal!

Simple Process

Vasectomy reversal is not as complicated as most people believe it to be. Ideally, a vasectomy often means having a surgeon clamp or re-route the sperm duct using some microsurgery techniques. A vasectomy reversal is a fair straightforward process that seeks to restore the passage.

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Previous Failed Attempts

Some men often complain of a failed vasectomy reversal. This is mainly linked to a poor treatment or reversal. If you have been a victim of an unsuccessful reversal in the past, this does not mean that you are doomed. You only need to get to a skilled and competent surgeon, with a solid reputation for successful vasectomy reversals.

After having a vasectomy, most couples are resigned to the fact that they cannot have kids. However, vasectomy reversal can restore your fertility and give you another chance of having another kid.