Why Athletes Need Water

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A good number of people do not realize the importance of drinking water. Drinking water is not only about taking a few sips; you need to drink enough amounts of water. Health experts also recommend drinking a few cups before having a meal for weight loss reasons. If you are someone who loves working out, then you should always have your water bottle with you and personalize your bottled water. You need to drink enough water before, during, and after working out. That said, this article looks shares some reasons why athletes and fitness buffs should drink lots of water.

Why You Need Water

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Close to 70% of your body contains water. This water is often found in your cells and blood vessels. As such, whenever you are exercising, your body tends to lose a lot of water through sweat as the body tries to cool itself. This means that your body mechanisms have to respond to this loss by making you feel dehydrated. You only feel comfortable when your water balance is restored.

Your activity levels and the atmospheric pressure often determine the amount of water you drink. For intense workouts or games, you have to drink water before you start working out. And after you are done working out, you need to replenish your water reserves again.

Signs of Dehydration

Most people tend to be dehydrated, but only a few know the signs. Besides feeling thirsty, your body communicates in many ways when your body is dehydrated. Other sights of dehydration include heart palpitations, nausea, and muscle cramps. Also, you might find your sweating rates reduce abnormally, and your lips might appear unusually dry. In extreme cases, dehydration saps your energy levels leaving your feeling sluggish.

Staying Hydrated

Thirsty manStaying hydrated at all times is vital for an athlete. As such, it is imperative to plan ahead to avoid getting dehydrated. If possible, you need to drink enough amounts of water before, during, and after working out. This allows your body to excrete any excess before you start working out. Besides drinking lots of water, it is advisable to exercise when it is cool, preferably after the sun goes down.

You need to drink enough amounts of water for good health and good performance on the pitch. If possible, you do not have to wait until your body starts telling you its dehydrated. Drink water throughout the day, and most importantly after working out.


Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Workouts

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Working out is essential for your body. It helps keep you free from a number of illnesses and also in the right shape. Excess body fat may prove to be a health hazard. This is because it triggers several lifestyle conditions. Some of the illnesses you are likely to contract as a result of being obese include diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure.

Engaging in the different forms of exercises will help you burn calories and lose weight in the long run. You can go for gym sessions or try out different types of outdoor activities like jogging. One should have the right gear for a perfect workout session. This should include a good training suit or pants and shoes.

The type of shoes you put on for your exercises can play a significant role in determining your level of productivity. You can buy shoes for crossfit which are effective for your fitness activities. Getting the right shoes will provide you with comfort to carry on with the different training activities. workout shoes

You will be able to sprint and jump easily. It also gives you the much-needed stability when trying out different types of exercises. Make sure you get the right shoes to have a smooth training session. Here are some of the things you should put into consideration when buying one.

Sole Type

You should consider the type of sole used in the training shoes you want to purchase. It should have a light footing that will enable you to run around smoothly. The chances of getting exhausted fast during your workouts are minimal if you go for one with a light sole. One that has a flat bottom with the right treads or grip is the best. It gives you the right balance when running and there are little chances of slipping in specific terrains.

Shoe Fit

One is also advised to go for a shoe type that fits them perfectly. This will provide you with the much-needed comfort when running around through the different kinds of terrain. Oversized or small shoes may not offer the comfort needed when running. Make sure you take proper measurements of both feet before going out to shop for a training shoe.

Type of Cushioning

You should look at the cushioning used in the running shoes you want to purchase. Cushioningtraining shoes is of great importance in these shoes because they help handle impact when running. One with the right cushioning can withstand a greater impact. Make sure you look at this vital feature before buying one.…

Tips for purchasing a rowing machine

Are you looking for an exercising machine? If yes, a rowing machine will be the most appropriate for you. You are required to know all the important features of this machine before buying one. The tips discussed here below will help you in choosing the right machine

Fixed vs. folding

Folding and fixed type are the main kinds or rowing machines. The fixed types require less space as compared to the folding type. However, when it comes to experience, most users prefer using the folding machines. Again, fixed machines are durable. Users are required to pre-define the kind of machine that they need.

Types of rowing machines

The type of the machine should also be considered when buying one. Are you interested in purchasing a machine for outdoor or domestic use? In general, there are four types of rowing machines. They include

Water rowing machines

In these machines, water under pressure is used to drive them. They offer a great resistance and they are very smooth. However, these machines require more maintenance, and they are very heavy. The water in the cylinder has to be changed after a while.

Hydraulic rowing machine

In this machine, resistance is provided by oil enclosed in a cylinder. This machine is easy to keep since it is very light. It is mainly recommended for home use.

Air rowing machine

These machines are designed with a highly resistant system. In these machines, the resistance is provided by the flywheel. The only disadvantage of these machines is that they produce a lot of noise whenever they are in use.

Magnetic rowing machine

These machines have an adjustable resistance. They produce less noise, and they are lightweight when compared with the other rowing machines. Machines with an adjustable resistance have a high efficiency.

Checking the tower

This is another important tip that should always be considered when purchasing a good machine. Rowers are made using high-quality materials to provide the much-needed grip. Apart from this, its slide track length and seat material also matter. All these things should be examined before buying a product. In addition to that, you are advised to try or test the product prior to buying.



The warranty offered by most of the companies for their products is two year. It is advisable to purchase a machine that has a warranty. The company should be contacted once a maintenance issue is noticed.

Reading the tips discussed above will guide you in choosing and purchasing the best rowing machine. Reading the customers’ reviews in the different websites is also a great idea.