About Our Food

Grilled Lemon Chicken

We take out the fat, marinate it in lemon and oregano, and then broil it.

Turkey Burger

We mix white and dark meat, and then broil it.

Sliced Turkey Breast

Broiled, all white meat.

Steak Burgers

Made from tenderloin steak and broiled. Very lean.


We open a whole can of low-sodium tuna (packed in water) when you order it and toss it with salad, so it’s always fresh. No mayo. Dressing is on the side.

Baked Felafel
Chick peas mashed with herbs and BAKED,
“The only un-fried felafel in New York.”

Chick peas mashed with herbs and a little sesame. No oil. No cream. No mayo.

Baked Tofu
Baked with low-sodium soy sauce and a little sesame.

We never ever add salt, oil, cream or mayo to our dressings.

Honey Mustard

mustard, honey, water

Carrot Ginger

carrots, onions, ginger, water, apple vinegar, herbs


sesame seeds, lemon juice, herbs, water

Hot Sauce

cayenne pepper, paprika, herbs, apple vinegar, water

Made fresh every day. Completely vegetarian. No oil. No cream. No preservatives. No thickeners.

Lentil Soup

lentils, vegetables, and herbs

Carrot Soup

Carrots, onions, herbs, and dill. Pureed.

Vegetarian Chili

pinto beans, red beans, black beans, vegetables, and herbs


We use different combinations of steamed, FRESH vegetables, brown rice, pasta, grilled chicken breast, baked tofu, soup, low-sodium tomato sauce, and other delicious ingredients to make these meals satisfying and healthy.

They make you feel just right after you eat them,
not heavy or lethargic.

We use healthy ingredients to add flavor, instead of oil and salt, such as our soups, chili, grilled tomatoes,
onions, peppers, and cucumbers.

We have a large variety to make them suitable for almost any diet.

Low-sodium tomato sauce. Whole wheat dough. Non-fat mozzerella cheese. Topped with fresh vegetables and proteins. Cooked on the spot.

Healthy Shakes

Fresh fruit, crushed ice, juice, Only 8 Non-Fat Yogurt (made with whey and fructose) or rice milk

Protein Shakes

Protein with carbohydrates (Met-Rx, Myoplex)

Protein Shakes (with no carbohydrates)

Designer protein, Promax, egg protein

Vegetarian Protein with Vitamins

Spirutein, Source of Life

Diet Proteins

Diet fuel, Gary Null’s Trim Powder

Energy Shakes

Ripped Fuel, Source of Life, Ultimate Orange

Special Powders

The Cold Buster and Brain Pep

We only use egg whites and we always bake our eggs. Orders are prepared individually. We use water-based cooking spray for baking. Fresh vegetables. Non-fat mozzerella cheese. No salt. No oil. No butter. No frying. We don’t cook on a flat grill so our eggs are separate from our meat.

7-Gain flour, egg whites, skim milk, 2 grams of Designer Protein (whey). No butter. No oil. Never baked on the same grill as meat. Water-based cooking spray. Sugar-free pancake syrup or honey on the side.

Freshly baked every day on the premises.
Whole wheat, no butter, no oil, no sugar!

Blueberry Muffins

whole wheat bran, whole wheat flour, apple sauce, bananas. blueberries, Designer Protein, egg protein, fructose, baking powder

Carob Chip Muffins

whole wheat bran, whole wheat flour, apple sauce, bananas, carob chips, Designer Protein, egg protein, fructose, baking powder

Sweet Potato with Banana Pie

sweet potatoes, bananas, egg protein, egg whites, cinnamon
(pie shell- whole wheat flour, rice milk)

Apple Pie

apples, apple sauce, Designer Protein, granola, cinnamon, (pie shell: whole wheat flour, rice milk)

Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookies (no wheat)

oatmeal, apple sauce, bananas, cinnamon, egg whites,
Designer Protein, egg protein